Morgane Clodel

Circus artist

Don’t dream your life, Live your dreams !

“Morgane is from the south of France (Montpellier). Dreamer, creative, hypersensitive, she decided to live by her passion at 19 years old : circus.
Young, she already told her parents that she wanted to be on stage. Because, She developped some skills on rythmic gymnastic she could have access to pre-professional circus school in France first and then in Italy. She was starting to live by her dream of becoming an artist.

In 2017, she started the professional formation at the circus school of Québec. That’s were she got excited by the spiral she discovered doing aerial pole. Fluidity, grace and feminity. Here is her style. During her formation she also fell in love with the hula hoop. With this discipline she likes to play with body rolls and rythme changes to create this enchanted universe. She graduated the circus school of Québec and the CEGEP of Québec. She is now officially living by her dream : being a professional circus artist.  ”

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